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Riseup Labs is redesigning the existing Dekko ISHO website of Dekko ISHO Group. It’s an apparel and fashion company. They will redevelop the existing features of the website.


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What is Dekko ISHO?

What is Dekko Isho website

Dekko Isho is an eCommerce website of apparel and fashion company Dekko ISHO Group. The website is for showcasing their products and the solution they provide. Dekko Isho’s Clients from the fashion industry can find all of its products, business, showroom and everything about it.

Problems faced by Dekko ISHO Group

Riseup Labs worked on several problems on the Dekko ISHO website that the Dekko ISHO Group faced.

The problems are:

  • Developing new pages
  • Using a new WordPress template
  • Integrating with WooCommerce features
  • Transferring all the contents to the new website
  • Redesigning the existing Dekko ISHO website
  • Creating Career, Product Showcase, and CSR pages

Challenges faced by Riseup Labs' Developers

Challenges of Dekko Isho website

The main challenges of Dekko Isho is an eCommerce website were creating an attractive and secured platform, including:

  • Creation of an attractive and secure company website
  • Standard product page creation
  • Standard portfolio page creation

Solutions Provided by Riseup Labs

Solutions for Dekko Isho website

The developer team of the Dekko Isho group website properly analyzed the method to solve the problems.

  • Used WordPress to create an attractive and responsive website
  • A gender-wise product page was created and a quotation-based system was added to the page where users will be able to get instant quotations of that product
  • Added resources, community, and business module page to highlight the company portfolio.

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Features of Dekko ISHO

Features of Dekko Isho website

The website theme will be a good one with a good slider option. The slider will be more product based.

Website Menu:

The website has the following menu.

  • News and Event
  • Products
  • Blog
  • Career
  • Existing menus


News and Event:

Showcase News and events.


The main features of the Product module are listed below:

  • Product Details
  • Product related query
  • Product Filter: Region-wise filter etc.

The main features of the Blog module are listed below:

  • Create an unlimited number of blogs
  • Page Selection Option to Display Blog Posts

The main features of the career module are listed below:

  • Job Post
  • Users can apply for Job
  • Redirect to the Contact Form
Social Link:

Standard share buttons - share each piece of content

  • Follow buttons
  • Facebook Like Button
  • Twitter Tweet Button
  • Pinterest Save Button
  • LinkedIn Share Button


Solution Page:

The solution Page will contain all the solutions the company will provide

Mission & Vision:

It will contain the organization's mission and vision

Compliance Certificates:
  • Showcase of certificates
  • Download/new tab

Which Industries will be Benefited?

Every platform is connected to related industries. And the industries get benefits from these platforms. Some industries are connected with the Out of School Children in BD project also. Those industries are:

Business Icon
Retail Icon
eCommerce Industry Icon
Technology Used
JavaScript Technology Icon JavaScript
SQLite Icon SQLite
Sublime Text Technology Icon Sublime Text
XAMPP Technology Icon XAMPP
Google Maps Google Maps
WordPress Icon WordPress

About Dekko ISHO Group

DEKKO ISHO Group Company Logo

Dekko ISHO Group is an apparel and fashion company. It was founded in the early 1950s. Dekko ISHO Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh, comprising 17 operating companies in seven business sectors.