Logo Specifics

We are very proud of our logo, and we require that you follow these guidelines to ensure it always looks its best. Our logo is the combination of a modern and straightforward wordmark with the icon.

Our logo is Riseup Labs' face - the primary visual expression that we use to identify ourselves. Which means that we need to be careful to use it correctly and to do so consistently.



DON’T forget the Copyright “©” of the logo. Based on the background color & image, it should be changed by the designer.


Exclusion Zone

Clear space prevents type, imagery, or other graphic elements from interfering with our logo's legibility. No graphic elements should encroach the border around the logomark. This space is determined by 50% height of logomark on each side. Measure the clear length for primary logomark by the height 36 px.


Minimum Size

Establishing a minimum size ensures that the logo's impact and legibility are not compromised in the application.


Riseup Labs logo should never be smaller than 70px in digital or 20mm in print.


Logo Variation & Background


Full Color

Riseup Labs logo looks like this in full color. You should and must use it like this when needed, colorful, wherever necessary. Check and take care of the copyright mark there.

Full color

Colorless Logo

Riseup Labs logo looks like this in no color. You should and must use it like this when needed, colorless, wherever necessary. Check and take care of the copyright mark there.

Full color with Background - 1

Riseup Labs logo looks like this in full color with an orange background. You should and must use it like this when needed, in full color with the orange background, wherever necessary.

Full Color with Background - 2

Riseup Labs logo looks like this in full color with a black background. You should and must use it like this when needed, in full color with the black background, wherever necessary.

For Secondary Branding

Sometimes, you have the choice of not using the "Labs" word in the logo. However, that is a secondary branding option and a rare case most of the time. Check out the following examples.


Full Color


Full color with Background


Full color with Background


Full color with Background


Full Color


Full color with Background

Full color with Background

Full color with Background


N.B: This is a more independent version and format for our own product element's secondary branding but in a rare case. There will be no Colorless version for this will be only used in digital media.

For print media, always use the primary logo of Riseup Labs. If the same situation arises for other products, use the same style BAR, Same colored text from the logo, but the copyright "©" in full black or full white.


Colour Specifications

Riseup Labs has always been white, black & orange, and that won't change. While embracing a much more colorful language in our brand communications, Riseup Lab's orange is our resting colour, used only in situations where the brand palette is not being used.

Take your pick
#FFFFFF                       #211E1F                    #EA5400

Colour Specifications in Riseup Labs Logo

Rules with Colours

Riseup Labs white, black & orange should only ever sit on a white, black, gradient, or non-duo-toned photographs. Riseup Labs white, black & orange will mainly exist in the app. Riseup Labs white, black & orange should never be used as/or with a color from the brand palette or a duo-toned image.

Black or White


Gradient Color


On Image

Brand Palette

Don’t use logo color as background color

Duotoned Image

Logo Misuse

Avoid these silly mistakes

It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent. The logo should not be misinterpreted, modified, or added to. No attempt should be made to alter the logo in any way. Its orientation, color and composition should remain as indicated in this document — there are no exceptions.


Do not use the old stacked version of the logo


Do not apply a gradient to the icon or wordmark


Do not rotate the logo


Do not resolve the logo in different colours


Do not distort or warp the logo in any way


Do not outline or create a keyline around the logo


Do not use multiple logos or use the logo in a repeating pattern


Do not substitute any colors of the logo or have multiple colors within the logo


Do not use country name or programme name next to the Riseup Labs logo

Riseup Labs Brand Guidelines Book with Black Color

The Typeface Family

Only three font styles are to be used for the typeface family. So, kindly check and verify if it matches your style.

Title: Helvetica

All Headings: Circular

All Description: Open Sans


The Following Font Size is Applicable for Any Document Related work or PowerPoint.


Heading 1 : Circular - Size 22

Heading 2 : Circular - Size 18

Heading 3 : Circular - Size 16

Heading 4 : Circular - Size 14

Heading 5 : Circular - Size 12

Heading 6 : Circular - Size 11

All description : Open Sans - Size 11


Special Case for Design Related Work

You are fixed to use only the three font styles.

But you will have great freedom to use any of the fonts inside these three fonts’ Family- Helvetica (4 family fonts), Circular (8 family fonts), Open Sans (8 family fonts).

You also have the freedom to use any size as per your requirement for the Promo Materials. Yet you’re fixed to use fonts in the format mentioned above under "The Typeface Family". 

N.B : - Title & Headings should be always in Bold font;

  1. Title & Heading text can only be used in Capital case for a full sentence or Capital case per word;
  2. Description can be used in Bold/Italic/Regular, but the font size must be the same;

  3. Any Hyperlinks should follow the #ff3400 font color.

  4. For print materials such as- leaflets, banners, etc., these sizes may vary, but you must follow the text size ratio.

  5. Special Case is only applicable for Graphical elements for designers.

Font Colour

All the design and promotional materials must follow the below color format.

Check the colors with their color codes, and below that, you will get the color codes to take and start working on immediately.

Color Codes from Branding Guidelines Riseup Labs

To design, Take your pick from here

Primary Colours   #EA5400  #211e1f  #000000  #fffff
Secondary Colours    #f69839    #FFA500   #FF8C00   #FF7F50   #f69839   #FF4500  #FF3400   #191818    #2B2A2A  #0C0909

You are free to make gradient colour from similar colour properties/family, e.g., Gradient from Black variations, Gradient from Orange variations. But you cannot make a gradient with Black/White with Orange, as these are in the different colour family.


Riseup Labs Branded Items

Brand Identity of Website, Mobile Apps, Games, or Other Projects

Riseup Labs own product Branding

Follow this for Riseup Labs Own Product Branding

Client and B2B Work Branding Riseup Labs

Follow this for Client & B2B Work Branding

N.B: Name of the company and company logo shouldn’t be used together. Either one of the item will be used.

Guideline for PowerPoint Presentation Use



- For company presentation, the cover page format will be in this sequence “LOGO, TAG LINE, WEBSITE LINK”.

- For product or other promotional materials it isn’t fixed. However, in that case, cover page will have - “TITLE / HEADING, LOGO and WEBSITE LINK”


- For any kind of product presentation, in the Bottom or Top right corner logo needs to be used as “from Riseup Labs Logo”. “from” word should only be used as “from” based on app presentation.

- For company presentation, only “Riseup Labs Logo” needs to be used in all pages at the Bottom or Top right corner.





Riseuplabs Logo Presentation Guidelines

10 Must-Follow Things to Remember

1. Always use the correct logo artwork.

2. Never modify or recreate the logo.

3. DON’T forget the Copyright “©” in the logo and to change its color as per the guideline.

4. Maintain proper exclusion zone while using the logo.

5. Always use Helvetica (for Title), Circular (for any Headings), Open Sans (all description) font as per the guideline.

6. Helvetica Title should and only should be used on the Cover or Top of your Material.

7. DON’T forget the Font Size in your material. It has to be in the same format, and you can choose any Heading format for your material.

8. Always use Riseup Labs color palette.

9. Do not use the country name or program name next to the Riseup Labs logo.

10. When in doubt, ask the Product Manager, or if you’re an external person, shoot an email to contact@riseuplabs.com.

N.B: If you want a copy of our Brand Guidelines, if you are designing communication materials related to Riseup Labs or if you have any other requirements, questions, comments or feedback, please contact us.


Download Brand Guidelines as PDF

Download Logo Variations