Automation & Simulation

We bring the best analytics with AI and industry expertise so that your initiatives are exploited, embraced and scaled for the maximum ROI. We work holistically across people, processes and business functions to help you decide how to apply it, which technologies to use and how to make sure it's embraced across your business.

Our VR simulator can be used as a shopping mall, theme park, club, theater, and all other entertainment equipment. With different VR experiences for different simulators, users can experience the simulation.

We are the one to bring simulation innovation for the first time in Bangladesh using our own technology. And we are looking forward to exporting this technology to foreign markets too. Learn more about our simulator products at

Automation and Simulation Services

Automation Services

  • Robotics Process Automation
  • Data Acquisition & Control System
  • Embedded Solution
  • Electrical Controls System
  • Voice System Integration
Automation Services Riseup Labs

Simulation Services

  • 9D VR Technology
  • 6 Degree Off Motion (6DoF)
  • Extreme roller coaster machine
  • VR Experience Zone
  • VR Theme Park
  • VR Simulator Machine
  • Custom VR Experience
  • Driving Simulator
  • Flight Simulator
  • Custom Simulator
Simulation Services Riseup Labs
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"Riseup Labs worked like a true professional, they understood our sudden requirements and recommended us the best solutions. They are also very fast to deliver the work on schedule."

Syed Makhlesur Rahman Communication Officer, Unicef Bangladesh

"Riseup Labs is very good to work with. They meet the deadlines they committed to. The Unicef Volunteers website turned out very nice and made the system a lot easier than we had to do in the previous manual process. "

Farhana Rahman Paula Communication Officer, Unicef Bangladesh

"Although they had to train the adolescent members for their digital platform. But they made it in such a way, like- there was a natural adoption of the platform with very little training. Users immediately see the benefit to themselves and loved the platform."

Monira Hasan Communication Officer, Unicef Bangladesh
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