React Native Developer

Job Type: Full time No. of Vacancies: 1 Experience: At least 5+ years
Deadline: Closed
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Job Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with a team of developers and designers to create a web application run on multiple platforms such as android or
  • Architect, build and maintain excellent React Native applications with clean code, while creating reusable, effective, and scalable JavaScript
  • Test and update web application so that it can be used on all web browsers.
  • Design the data and presentation layer of the web application’s front-end.
  • Use additional JavaScript libraries such as Redux to manage the web application’s state, derive
  • computed data from the state of the system, and make asynchronous API
  • Translate the client’s technical requirements into
  • Leverage native APIs for deep integrations with both
  • Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks for performance that feels

Educational Qualification: B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering from any reputed public & private university.

Additional Requirements:

  • A Minimum of 5+ years of professional experience working with React Native
  • Solid working experience, with depth of experience as a React and React-Native Developer
  • Experience in developing React projects and React Native mobile applications
  • Good knowledge of React Native tools, including React Native API, Redux
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript, HTML/CSS Knowledge of call rest API
  • Knowledge of JWT
  • Knowledge of firebase, FCM, push kit
  • Knowledge of WebSocket
  • Knowledge of WebRTC
  • Knowledge of Sigma
  • Experience with gRPC is a strong plus

Salary Range: Negotiable

Compensation & Other Benefits:

  • As per the company's policies

The Application Process:

  • Telephone Round.
  • Interview with the Tech Team & Talent Acquisition Team.
  • An assignment/test to complete (if required).
  • Matchmaking session 1.
  • Matchmaking session 2 or an assignment/test to complete (as required by the hiring team).
  • Job offer.

NB: Only shortlisted candidates will be communicated in the recruitment process.