Python Developer

Job Type: Full time No. of Vacancies: 4 Experience: At least 3+ years
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Job Responsibilities:

Software development and maintenance and other activities related to technology products.
Took part in designing, building, maintaining, reviewing and supporting quality code and services.
Design, code, test and implement according to software design specifications following standard coding styles and practice.
Work in API Integration with different platforms.
Work with co-workers in version control systems like local SVN servers, Git platforms such as github, gitlab etc.
Python and Python Web Development Framework Django.
Basic systems administration and web works. ie. basics of HTML, CSS, JS, HTTP methods, HTTP status codes, headers, DOM and how all of this fits together.
Work with Version Control system such as git and should be familiar with the AWS stack and understand how distributed systems work.
Python and Python Web Development Framework Django.

Educational Requirements:

B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering from any reputed public & private university.

Additional Requirements:

Professional experience in at least one of the languages below:
✔ NodeJS for BackEnd API developments
✔ Python for script development (batch, reports, etc)
o Experience with at least one of the Databases below:
✔ MongoDB
✔ Postgres.
o Sustainable Applications: focus on quality, security, performance, scalability and maintainability.
Desirable/differential technical knowledge
Queue systems: Rabbit MQ and/or Amazon SQS
Elastic Search
Git for code versioning (Github/Gitlab/etc.)
Git Flow
AWS Infrastructure Knowledge
Quality: unit tests
DevOps: Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD)
Good interpersonal skills, organization, knowing how to work under pressure, teamwork, time management, priorities and deadlines, commitment, optimism, ethics, maturity to receive and give feedback to the team, people and processes, Excellent verbal and written English.

Workplace: Work from Home

Salary Range: Negotiable 

Compensation & Other Benefits:

As per company's policy.

NB: Only shortlisted candidates will be communicated in the recruitment process.

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