Blockchain Developer

Job Type: Full time No. of Vacancies: 2 Experience: At least 2 years
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Job Responsibilities:

Edit contract, deploy contract, setup front end
to interact with contract (clone existing vault
Cloning website;
Editing contract variables;
Custom contract functions.

Educational Requirements:

B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering from any reputed public or private university.

Additional Requirements:

Block chain: Solidity & Hardhat;
Front end: Vue.js;
Backend: … no. Blockchain only. Unless you need some special indexer. Websites like Uniswap might track blockchain events and index user wallets if the block chain does not support the look up they want. Also you might want a back end to handle any API calls to oricles like  CoinGecko on your front end. In that case I would build full stack Typescript but up to you;
Tools/framework: Recommend hardhat for EVM contracts.

Workplace: Remote

Salary: Negotiable

NB: Only shortlisted candidates will be communicated in the recruitment process.

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