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The product- Speech of 7th March in VR that we have been developing is based on the historic 7th March speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, one of the biggest historical events of Bangladesh that took place on 7th March of 1971 at Racecourse Ground. This historic event has been included in- Memory of the World International Register. That is maintained by UNESCO. The target of this VR app is to let users learn the history. In addition, get VR experience of that event.

Technology is growing day by day. There is no choice except competing. In the next few years, people who don’t know about tech will not survive in their careers. In other words, their professional life will suffer a lot. So, in this situation, they must learn using tech. We all know that knowledge is power. Not only present, but we should know about history as well. It is our national duty to know about our country. For that, we have to start from the beginning. Knowing about history is not about just reading that. In other words, the best part will be to learn about history by watching. So, this is a great opportunity. To learn about the past. And, be proud of it as an adult. The kids will specially love it.

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The Speech of 7th March- Reliability Factor

Videos are the best medium of interaction these days. But, games are equally important. This product is a mixture of both. Actually, this will give users and viewers of all age, the same enjoyment. This goes without saying that, people enjoy visuals. They love to see things they can understand and feel at the same time. This VR approach will do the same. It will create an instant reaction inside a human. As a result, they will be able to enjoy the whole scenario. In this blog post, we will look at the details How this thing came into the picture. How was that made? Technology played a vital role here, no doubt. But, with technology, the correct amount of knowledge was also inserted.


A balance is essential in every aspect. Nothing without a balance is perfect. Moreover, anything without a balance is not enjoyable as well. Because, not all audiences are the same. Some love simple and some love gorgeous visuals. It is not possible to satisfy everyone. But, this VR is a balance of both attractive and straightforward. In the longer run, it has something which people will remember. To survive in the long run, something needs to have a retain value.

Without a retain value, it won’t go a long way. In this case, it is connected to our emotions as well. Many want to face those moments again, but cannot do so without videos. Even those videos are not that modern. So, this VR setting will help people to realize the importance of that time. It will recreate things for many people. As a result, in the longer run, it will be a part of people’s memory. Everyone, form every age group, will enjoy it.

So, let us start and go through the things which made it happen. In this blog post, we will see the whole journey and gain the whole knowledge.

Summary of the Product

  1. Users will be present at Racecourse Ground virtually. And will go back in 7th March 1971 like a time machine. In other words, our VR app will have a similar environment and all other occurrences.
  2. Users will feel like they are in front of our Father of Nation- Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in Virtual Reality.
  3. In addition, users can walk around the full area, look into the crowd and experience the history from a close view.

Problem Statement

  1. No previous work on VR for historic 7th Speech of Bangabandhu.
  2. Present young generation didn’t experience the history. However, they only learned from books and ICT YouTube video.
  3. Above all, people who were not present in this historic event can experience through our VR app.
  4. In addition, awareness of 7th March’71 history was less internationalized.

Solution Statement

  1. We will set up experience zone at different locations. Where people can have the VR experience.
  2. After that, the young generation of this time will experience the history and learn from their own experience.
  3. In addition, awareness of 7th March’71 history will be widely available, locally and internationally, as it will be launched in multiple popular platforms.
  4. Similarly, it will give the most realistic possible experience to feel and learn the actual history.

World’s Important Documentary Heritage- Speech of 7th March will be in 4D+. UNESCO has chosen the historic Speech of 7th March as one of the World’s Important Documentary Heritage. We, RiseUpLabs would be the first developers to make VR app on World’s Important Documentary Heritage, as well as our history. 

WHY 4D+?

The following features of our VR app will give 4D+ experience to the users.

  • Realistic 3D characters of the actual event of Speech of 7th March
  • The Realistic animation
  • Realistic environment
  • Crowd simulation
  • Realistic 3D sounds

A. Realistic 3D Character

We are developing more than 95 unique realistic 3D characters for this project.

Ongoing 3D Character Development of Our Artist
Ongoing 3D Character Development of Our Artist
  1. Unique characters on stage: 20
    • Other characters on stage: 10
Ongoing Realistic 3D Character Development of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Ongoing Realistic 3D Character Development of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Ongoing Development of Stage characters
Ongoing Development of Stage characters
  • Unique characters in the field: 65 (Male 40, Female 25)
    • Crowd generation in the field: 1 million
  • Ongoing Realistic 3D Character Development of Field Character
    Ongoing Realistic 3D Character Development of Field Character
    Ongoing Development of Field view
    Ongoing Development of Field view

    B. Realistic Animation

    After completing the character development we are developing animation for those realistic model. In addition, we are are using Perception Neuron and Faceware Live as our key tool.

    1. Unique stage-character animation
      • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman: 1 set of full animation of 11 min 56 sec.
      • Other characters on stage: 7-10
    2. Unique field-character animation
      • Male characters: 7
      • Female characters: 7


    We are using Perception Neuton for Full-body motion Capture.However, to animate full-body of our realistic 3D Characters. We are making real-time animation by wearing this hardware. In addition, acting and shooting for real-time animation.

    • Perception Neuron is world’s most versatile, adaptable motion capture system. Similarly, with most user-friendly technology. For various applications including animation, gaming, virtual reality and visual effects.
    Shooting with Perception Neuron
    Shooting with Perception Neuron
    Shooting with Perception Neuron
    Shooting with Perception Neuron
    Speech of 7th March
    Realistic Animation of Perception Neuron


    We are using Faceware Live. Above all, for Facial Motion Capture. Similarly, to animate the facial expression our 3D Characters.

    We are using this software, for-

    • High-quality real-time animation detection, and ‘FOIP’ feature of this software that tracks players’ facial expressions and movement. Similarly, reproduce the animation directly on a 3D character.
    Speech of 7th March
    Ongoing Development & Checking of Realistic 3D Character Animation
    Facial Motion Capture with Faceware Live
    Facial Motion Capture with Faceware Live

    C. Realistic Environment 

    After that, we will develop realistic possible environment by using UNREAL engine. The following features will be added to our product:

    • Physics use on tree leaves and bushes
    • Realistic moving sky
    • Physics on the electric cables of mikes
    • Ground dust
    • Air effects
    • Vintage environment, to make the environment look alike the event on 1971
    Ongoing Environment Development
    Ongoing Environment Development

    D. Crowd Simulation with Anima

    However, we are using the fastest Stand-Alone character animation application. It is named- Anima.For instance, it is for the development of crowd simulation. That is used widely & worldwide for creating stunning 3D character animations. Similarly, in less time.

    Crowd Generation in UNREAL Using Anima
    Crowd Generation in UNREAL Using Anima

    The overall environment will be more realistic with the usage of this Anima software for crowd simulation in UNREAL Engine.

    E. Realistic 3D Sound

    Above all, we will follow this development process to for our realistic sound development-

    • The real voice of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
    • 3D sound effects
    • Newly recorded slogans of the real event
    • Steps/layers of crowd sound usage, based on-

    – Close to the user
    – A bit distance from the user
    – A far distance from the user

    Team Members of Project: Speech of 7th March

    No. of Team Members in Total: 30p

    Structure of our team members:

    – Project Manager (1p)
    – Product Designer (2p)
    – UI Designer (1p)
    – Research Eng. (1p)
    – Art Director (1p)
    – Environment Artist (2p)
    – Character Artist (8p)
    – Props Artist (2p)
    – Lead Developer (1p)
    – Developer (3p)
    – Sound Eng. (1p)
    – Sound Artist (5p)
    – QA Tester (2p)

    Development Experience of RiseUpLabs, and Choosing UNREAL Engine over anything.

    Riseup Labs is a leading ICT organization of Bangladesh. In other words, pioneered in mobile apps and games with specialization in creating interactive entertainment experiences on multiple platforms. We have started our operation from 2009 with the success of Tap Tap Ants iOS game. In addition, that has millions of downloads in App Store and received the top ranking position in more than 100 countries. Later the game has been released in Google Play Store.

    We have worked on many other games. Tap Tap Ants: Battlefield, Highway Chase, Rooftop Frenzy, Brain Boss, iWarehouse, Shoot The Monkey, Bubble Attack, Fruitito etc. We worked with UNICEF on their edutainment game- ‘Meena Game’. That has been released on both iOS and Google Play Store. We also have worked with BBC Media Action for their social edutainment game- ‘Fun Basket‘ for our local rural area kids for PC and Android.


    Similarly, we built an AR app, named ‘1952’. It is based on our history of International Mother Language Day in Unity Engine. In addition, the app was launched officially by our honorable ICT Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak; Above all, he mentioned that the app has the tremendous potentiality to educate 42.7 million students in our country with its historic educational content.  Similarly, ‘1952’ app is available on iOS and Google Play Store.

    However, we got ourselves motivated to work on historical and educational contents, and to try on new technologies. So, we developed a VR prototype app on our Historic Speech of 7th March by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in Unity Engine. Our honorable PM Sheikh Hasina has inaugurated the prototype app but asked to make it more realistic that user will feel and experience the actual event in VR.

    Inauguration of "Speech of 7th March VR App" Prototype by Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh
    Inauguration of “Speech of 7th March VR App” Prototype by Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh

    Then, we have taken the big step of choosing World’s Best Game Engine- ‘UNREAL’ to work on this project. We also develop apps for iOS and Android store. In addition, for our other apps and games, we use C#, C++, Objective-C, X Code, Android Studio, and Cocos2d-x for development. In conclusion, Click to see Rise Up Labs’s Google Play Developer Store and App Store Developer Store.

    App Launching Plan for ‘Speech of 7th March’

    Therefore, The VR app ‘Speech of 7th March’ will be released for PC. Similarly, for PC version it will be launched for Oculus Rift, & HTC Vive. The app may also be released for mobile VR if we work on it for further development (after the completion of PC version).


    The development cost of this project is very high. Because-

    • We need an increased number of human resources for an extended period.
    • In addition, our team had to buy software (Faceware Live) for development purpose
    • we need to develop more than 35 realistic characters, real-time animation for those characters, CGI animation, 3D sounds etc that requires time
    • we have to learn and implement the knowledge on UNREAL engine.

    Due to all these development costs, Grants would help us complete the development process of this project.

    However, this realistic view is doing great.

    Mohaimin Talha on Email
    Mohaimin Talha
    Product Designer @ Riseup Labs
    Hi, I am a fun loving Game Designer who completed Graduation on Marketing and has a passion for writing stories or anything. However, in previous, I worked as Content Writer and Digital Marketing Intern. To me, life without PC or mobile games is nothing but a fallen star from the sky, which could not afford to light up some moments more.