360 Video Development

What is 360 Video?

360 video, often known as 360-degree video, is an immersive, spherical development.

Developers use Unity Game Engine to get the perfect output of 360 vision after getting the images from an omnidirectional camera or a cluster of cameras. This immersive video aims to completely immerse the spectator in the event as if they were there themselves.

Although the terms "360 videos" and "virtual reality" are frequently used interchangeably, the fundamental distinction is how these videos are watched.

Sometimes, Virtual Reality is defined as a 360 video seen using a VR headset such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

What is 360 video?


Develop Immersive Experiences with 360 Video

Get Unity Support to develop interactive props, storylines, and more for your 360 videos. Riseup Labs Unity experts can add the following features to your 360 Videos.

  • Interactive props, narratives, or objectives.
  • Simulated locomotion
  • Alternate endings and branching storylines.
  • UI elements such as menus and widgets
  • Intro-lobbies

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Get Benefitted from the Real-time Workflow of 360 Video Development

Among many benefits of unity 360 video development, you can also leverage the real-time workflow of Unity Game Engine to develop your 360 videos. Explore how our Unity Experts can help you with 360 video development.

Get Benefitted from the Real-time Workflow of 360 Video Development

  • Adding and editing CG
  • Adding visual effects
  • Playback speed adjustment
  • Developing loop content
  • Helping with tips, resources, and ideas


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Reach the Widest Audience with Unity 360 Video Development

Riseup Labs is a top-notch 360 Video Development Company providing the best quality 360 videos using the Unity game engine. Our 360 video experts have years of expertise in developing AR/VR/MR content. They can develop 360 videos for you that support all the latest VR platforms. As a result, you can reach the widest audience to promote your business.

Reach the Widest Audience with Unity 360 Video Development

  • Publish 360 videos to all VR platforms
  • Update 360 video projects without re-submitting
  • Create your 360 video app
  • Support for codecs, formats, and devices is available.
  • Bring your IP to AR, MR, and other emerging platforms.


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Why Choose Riseup Labs as a 360 Video Development Company?

As a leading 360 Video Development Company, Riseup Labs has accumulated tremendous knowledge and broadened its portfolio significantly over the years. Our initiatives are incredibly valuable in developing educational apps and the gaming app industry. The AR/VR/MR/XR/360 development team is constantly improving its talents to build projects and solutions that satisfy the needs and expectations of all clients utilizing Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technology.

Digital Intelligence Expertise of Riseup Labs

Digital Intelligence

Riseup Labs works with Digital Intelligence for MR development, such as using depth sensors, 3D-Spatial infographics, Artificial-Intelligence (AI), Hand Gesture Recognition and Voice-Control, and more.

Remote Assistance Service of Riseup Labs

Remote Assistance

Riseup Labs provide Remote assistance for Engineers and Technicians with immersive, scenario-based, experiential learning with Mixed Reality.

Riseup Labs ensure quick results

Quick Results

Riseup Labs' 360 solutions turn your staff into skilled, confident individuals in a short amount of time, allowing them to inherit decades of knowledge and expertise while saving years of training time.

Wide expertise of Riseup Labs

Wide Expertise

Our BA and development team works with education, healthcare, fintech, and many other products. They have years of expertise in 360 Video Development in various sectors.

Other Services, Products and Offers of Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs is a globally recognized 360 Video Development company. But, except for 360 development, we offer Virtual Reality, AR, Extended Reality, software development, App Development, Web Design, and many more. Please visit our other services.

Popular Works of Riseup Labs

As a popular 360 Video development company, Riseup Labs has developed some immersive projects so far. Besides, there are other services too. Before you work with Riseup Labs, please explore our developed AR/VR/MR apps. If you want, you can check the quality of our work by checking the following works.

Augmi Furniture ApplicationAugmi Furniture Application
AR Furniture App - Sell Furniture Anywhere

Augmi Furniture App is an AR furniture application and an e-Commerce...

View App
Speech of 7th March Historical and Educational Virtual Reality VR ExperienceSpeech of 7th March Historical and Educational VR Virtual Reality Experience
Speech of 7th March ICT Division

This VR product is based on the historic 7th March speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, one of Bangladesh's biggest historical events.

VR Experience
View VR Exp.
Meena Game 2 Game on Mobile ViewMeena Game 2 Game on Mobile View
Meena Game 2 UNICEF Bangladesh Game

Meena 2 is a 3D game. It is the second phase of the 'Meena Game' for UNICEF Bangladesh. This game is playable on iOS, Android, & PC.

Education & Adventure
View Game
Tap Tap Ants Battlefield Action Arcade Fun GameTap Tap Ants Battlefield Action Arcade Fun Game Scene
Tap Tap Ants: Battlefield

Tap Tap Ants: Battlefield is a free mobile game of smashing ants army that was developed by Riseup Labs for children.

View Portfolio

Words from Our Clients

What Riseup Labs' Beloved Clients Say

Riseup Labs has been recognized globally as a top MR (Mixed Reality) development company by clients. We have already won the hearts of our customers. Listen directly to them about our accomplishments as an Mixed Reality Development Company.


Riseup Labs Achieved Awards from

As a B2B Development company, Riseup Labs is delivering industry-standard AR/VR/MR/software/app/web development services worldwide. The aim is to earn client's ultimate satisfaction by providing them sustainable software solutions. They are happy as we provided the service we committed. According to client's review, Riseup Labs has been featured in many popular platforms including-


best game development company badge from goodfirms

Leading Game Developers in USA - Top Mobile Game Developers

Clutch award of Riseup Labs

ITFirms awards

Trusted Clients and Partners of Riseup Labs

Team Riseup Labs not only creates software but also treats the clients with respect and care. Thus, they ensure that our valued customers are satisfied. We never compromise on quality. And being an industry-standard software development company, we have earned the trust of industry leaders worldwide. In response, they are gladly making us a trustworthy development partner.

Unity Tools and Features Riseup Labs Use for 360 Video Development

Riseup Labs’ experts work with the following Unity tools and features to make you the best 360 video

  • Video Player
  • UI and CG Objects
  • Timeline
  • Ambisonic audio sources


360 Video Player

360 Video Player

Make the most of video files. Our developers will help you create scenarios by importing any 360-video clip. Using Unity's Video Player component, they can loop videos, alter playback speed, and more.

UI and CG Objects

UI and CG Objects

Our experts can help you create a rich user experience in your 360 videos. They can make you the best 360 video with the following features.

  • Building and editing menus, text, buttons, widgets, and overlays
  • Adding particle effects, animations, and CG objects to your 360 video
  • Enhance user interactivity


360 Video Timeline


360 Video Timeline

We Focus on storytelling and develop highly engaging 360 video using Unity. 

  • We can synchronize and blend objects, animations, events, and sounds by using linear sequencing tools.
  • We will develop a trailer instantly for your video
  • By using the Control Track feature we will enable multi-track interfaces


Ambisonic Audio Sources


Ambisonic Audio Sources

Riseup Labs' Unity experts work with the ambisonic audio sources to give your users a sense of presence. Please work with us to develop the following features in your 360 videos.

  • Full-sphere surround sound with ambisonic audio clips
  • Decoder plugins
  • Sound field rotation 
  • Enhanced user experience


Start Developing 360 Video

Start developing 360 videos with Riseup Labs. As a leading 360 video development company, we help clients integrate immersive experiences.

Hire Unity Developers from Riseup Labs!

Riseup Labs is a one-point destination for creative minds. We help small, medium, and large businesses hire highly expert developers and developer teams.

So, hire the best Unity 360 Video developers from Riseup Labs to make immersive experiences.

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360 Videos and Virtual Tours

360 video and video tours are a new video technology gaining traction as virtual reality headsets, and social media platforms hop on board and sell the films to customers. Now is an excellent opportunity to jump on board and present your brand or event in a fresh way that will engage your audience with your event, location, or business.

Develop 360 Videos for virtual tours from the top 360 video development company Riseup Labs!

360 Video and Images

360 Video and Images

The specialists at Riseup Labs can let you experience the ambiance of your event or venue from the comfort of your own home. Your events can now be captured in complete 360-degree views and replayed on 360-capable platforms like YouTube and Facebook, as well as virtual reality devices.


360 Virtual Tours

360 Virtual Tours

Have you ever wished to show someone on the other side of the world your venue, expo, or location? Allow your potential clients to wander around the rooms of your facility without ever having to step foot inside with a virtual tour. We can create 360 videos for virtual tours that allow the viewer to feel as if they are in the room, and it can be seen on any internet-enabled device or through any VR headset.


 Virtual Reality Production

VR Production

Riseup Labs, as a professional VR development company, can assist you with the development, production, and marketing of immersive Virtual Reality content and apps. And with the support, we will help you develop 360 videos that will be compatible with any VR platform.


360 Video for Custom Virtual Tours

360 Video for Custom Virtual Tours

We develop personalized virtual tours that are mobile and VR ready, with high-quality 360° panoramic images, Google Street View integration, and a design that fits your brand. Develop 360 videos for custom virtual tours and virtually travel any place in the world.


360 Video Development Process

We make ready 360 videos in just a few steps using Unity. First, let's explore our 360 Video Development Processes.

  • Preparing the 360° Video
  • Creating a Unity Video Player Scene
  • Putting a 360° Scene into VR
  • Building the VR 360° Video Player
  • Next Steps


Step 1: Preparing the 360 Video

Preparing the 360 VideoUnity is resolution agnostic, and we work with higher resolutions videos to prepare 360 videos.


Step 2: Making a Unity Video Player Scene

Making a Unity Video Player SceneAfter preparing, we create a new Unity scene to contain it.


Step 3: Putting a 360 Scene into VR

Putting a 360 Scene into VRWith the scene set up with a 360° environment, we transform it into a VR scene.


Step 4: Building the VR 360 Video Player

Building the VR 360 Video PlayerIn Unity, we compile assets into a standalone executable file.


360 Video Development Faqs

Frequently asked questions about 360 video development service. You may have some similar but crucial questions about 360 video development. In that case, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists.

I have got an idea, how and where do I start?

Please contact us to know more.

Despite the phrases being sometimes used interchangeably, 360 video and virtual reality (VR) are two distinct experiences. 360 video allows the user to pick what they want to look at within a video clip. In addition, they have the option of looking straight ahead or behind them.

No! The versatility of 360 videos is its ability to be seen on various platforms. The spectator may navigate inside the movie and pick whatever aspect to see using an internet browser.

No. 3D works by capturing a picture stereoscopically with two cameras (one for each eye) and then displaying the image from each camera to the right eye.

360 playback may take up to an hour to become accessible. 360 video includes a pan button in the upper left corner and can be rotated with the WASD keys, so search for these characteristics to ensure your video is 360°

Riseup Labs provides Resource Augmentation facilities for Mobile Application Development to achieve your app development goal. Please contact us.

Riseup Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Software Development Company.

They have a high level of recognition for their Mobile Application development services. Please visit.


Riseup Labs have an online portfolio. Please visit


Riseup Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified leading technology solution and service provider Software Company in Bangladesh.

Yes, we can. Please visit

Yes, we can. Please visit

Yes, we can.
Yes, we can.
Yes, we can.
Yes, we can.

You can observe every bit of step during the app development period.

So, you can fulfill each bit of desired requirements without any confusion.

Client satisfaction is our primary goal.

#Requirements Analysis and Planning

#User Experience




#User Interface


#Testing and QA

#Beta testing


#Going Live

#Maintenance and Updates

Yes, you can.

In that case, to ensure a secure service, we do not publicly detail all our security precautions.

Please contact us.

Many factors contribute to launching a successful app, and some requirements may result in the task taking longer to develop than others.

Please contact us for detail.

Yes, we can.

Riseup Labs have enough and highly qualified human resources.

So for each project, Riseup Labs assigns a single team to maintain quality work.

And each group includes

- Project Manager

- Architect

- Product Designer

- UI/UX Designer

- 2D Artist

- 3D Artist

- Graphics Designer

- ML AI Expert

- AR VR Expert

- Software Engineer

- Q/A Engineer

- Digital Marketing Expert

- Consultant

Riseup Labs have enough and highly qualified human resources.

So for each project, Riseup Labs assigns a single team to maintain quality work.

And each group includes

- Project Manager

- Architect

- Product Designer

- UI/UX Designer

- 2D Artist

- 3D Artist

- Graphics Designer

- ML AI Expert

- AR VR Expert

- Software Engineer

- Q/A Engineer

- Digital Marketing Expert

- Consultant

Yes, we do.

Yes, we strongly recommend that you begin by launching the simplest possible version of your vision first.

Continue to adapt it over time.


  • Laravel
  • Bootstrap
  • VueJS
  • Flutter Mobile



  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone


Programming languages:

  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • Objective
  • C



  • jQuery



  • MySQL
  • Apache



  • Firebase
  • Retrofit
  • RapidPro
  • MVVM
  • PortWallet
In that case we start by creating a central database that will hold all your data; then, we put an interface (an API) to allow the mobile and web applications to send and receive it.
Yes, you can.
Yes, you can.

Yes, we are.

Riseup Labs specialize in highly bespoke projects, and it is natural for us to work with the existing team.

Yes, we can.

Yes, please.

We need your support with testing the project.

We have testing and quality assurance processes, but the way we think and use your application is different from how you will.

You know best what you want better than anyone else.

Probably you will use and interact with what we have built-in in ways that we could not have predicted.

In that case, as the business grows, the commercial landscape may also change and make in-housing the development team a sensible long-term decision.

And, we're okay with that.

For a small project, typically, we will invoice a 50% opening deposit and a final 50% deposit on completion of the work.

We will split the payments over the project's life at monthly intervals for larger scopes of work.

Each planning day fees are due in advance of the initial planning day meeting.

Riseup Labs works this way because it supports your cash flow and means that you don't have to pay too much money upfront to see some output from us.

Yes, we are.

If it is digital, almost all mobile application projects create custom visuals of how the app will look and feel before developing.

We start the design process by research and analyzing the value behind your brand.

It includes the image and your entire business.

Once we understand your app development objectives and requirements, then we can engineer a design that is easy to use and performs for your business.

Probably, Yes.

If possible, then we prefer to follow our design process.

As it allows us to deliver top quality and consistency, but we can be flexible with it.

If designs are useful, then yes, we will work with them.

If they do not match our high standards, we will be honest and recommend creating the designs for you instead.

Yes, we do.

Please visit.

Please visit to send your queries.

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